Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Cupcakes

Natasha Collins runs Nevie-Pie Cakes, she is a founding member of More Than A Mama.  Natasha will be appearing on Lorna Milton's show today at 2pm to give out a recipe for cupcakes and promote our show on Wednesday 8th December 7.30-9.30 at Berkhamsted Town Hall. You can listen live here.
Nevie-Pie Cakes will have a stall full of gorgeous goodies for Christmas and also some cupcakes and cookies just to make your week sweeter.
You can visit her website here.  Or have a look at her blog Amelie's House for gorgeous cakes, recipes, crafts and a fabulous giveaway.
She kindly shares her recipe here.

Once upon a time there was a young girl.  Ok... lets make that a young talented spark of a girl!  She loved to create but  had never heard of the internet or blogs or online magasines!  Poor thing, what a world she had yet to discover.  She had to make do with her Mother's collection of 101 Ideas Magasines which were actually very interesting.One day her mother came to her and randomly gave her some old Christmas cake decorations that had belonged to her Nana.  She looked at them and thought 'Mmmm' because they were a bit tatty and sparkly bling was in, but she filed them in her box of 'things I feel too guilty to throw away but don't want to use'.  The years passed and vintage was in vogue.  So she dug out her Nana's decorations and thought 'Wow!  these are so on trend, I must use them for something fabulous!'

And here it is.

A recipe for Christmas flavour cupcakes.

I shall be announcing the winner of the giveaway tomorrow but I'm afraid it will close today at 12GMT.  However tomorrow there will be a  freebie for everyone else!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Christmas table decorations.

 Helen Buckwell produces gorgeous handmade candles in vintage teacups. Her website is full of beautiful Christmas presents and you can hire her vintage crockery, have a look here.

She will be appearing on Lorna Milton's show on Tuesday 7th December at 3.30pm.  Listen here.
Here are her instructions for a personalised table decoration.
You can also buy Helen's candles at our fayre on Wednesday 8th Decenber at Berkhamsted Town hall 7.30-9.30

Project 1: Glitter covered candles (full coverage)

     Candle – shape of your choice
     Glitter – colour of your choice (silver in example)Wax for melting (from 3-4 melted tealights or flaked        soya  wax)
      Brown greaseproof paper
      Saucepan of bowling water
      Dish – to fit size of chosen candle.
      Foil (optional)

         Buy a candle of chosen size and colour (white used in example)
         Fill saucepan with water and bring to the boilPlace dish on top of saucepan of bowling water. If this is a     dish you want to protect then cover with foil
         Take either the flaked soya wax or tealights (with the metal case and wick removed) into dish

         Watch whilst the wax gradually melts – do not leave unattended

      Whilst the wax is melting cut a sheet of brown greaseproof paper and sprinkle glitter on it – enough to roll the candle in
         Once the wax has melted place your candle in the dish and roll it back and forth – be careful to hold the ends of the candle to avoid hot wax touching your hands
         Once the outside of the candle is slightly softened and has a thin layer of melted wax on it quickly place onto the brown paper and roll in the glitter to the required amount.

         Leave to set Project 2: Glitter covered candles (partial coverage
    • Candle – shape of your choice
      Glitter – colour of your choice (gold in example)
      Wax for melting (from 3-4 melted tealights or flaked soya wax)
      Brown greaseproof paper
      Saucepan of bowling water
      Jug – preferably metal

    • Buy a candle of chosen size and colour (white used in example photos)
    • Fill saucepan with water and bring to the boil
    • Place jug in the boiling water with handle hanging over edge of saucepan

    • Take either the flaked soya wax or tealights (with the metal case and wick removed) and drop into the jug
    • Whilst the wax is melting cut a sheet of brown greaseproof paper and sprinkle glitter on it – enough to roll the candle in


    • Once the wax is melted dip the bottom of the candle into the jug.

    • Quickly remove candle and roll in glitter
    • Leave to set

    Project 3: Glitter patterns on candle

    • Candle – shape of your choice
    • Glitter glue

    • A variety of designs can be used – your imagination is the only limitation!
    • Ensure you do not place the glitter glue directly on the wick or immediate surrounding area
    • For the design in the attached picture (see picture 6):
      • Get green and red glitter glue
      • Place a series of evenly spaced dots around the bottom of the candle in green glitter
      • For the second row use red glitter glue and place a row of dots – staggered from the green row below
      • Repeat last two steps twice more, then complete a final row of green
      • At the top edge of the candle complete a row of green dots – again evenly spaced
      • Underneath create a second row of dots in red glitter – staggered again as before
      • Finish with a green row of dots once again staggered from the previous row

    Wednesday, December 1, 2010

    Christmas beauty tips

    Thanks to Sharon our resident beauty expert for her top tips to keep you glamourous this season. 
    Sharon Herholdt  lives in Berkhamsted with her husband Jason and their two boys, aged 5 and nearly 2.

    Sharon has been working from home as a beauty therapist since having her lovely boys, but she previously had her own Hertfordshire salon

     With 25 years experience as a beauty therapist and being passionate about great products with good natural ingredients at very reasonable prices, Virgin Vie was perfect for her.

    She shares with us her top 7 tips to make it through the season and still look glamourous!

    Sharon’s Festive Beauty

    Glide effortlessly through Christmas with my top tips.

    1.  1. Get glowing skin
    Buff away dull dry skin with a facial skin exfoliator to leave a fresh radiant glow.

    Re-boost your skin.
    Add a serum to your daily skin care routine, these will re-energise skin and give a 
    nutritious boost to tired skin.

    Good foundations.
    Skin primers are a must, it will add radiance to dull, exhausted skin and your make up will last all day(or night).
    A good base gets rid of winter greyness and makes you look instantly younger.

     Face lift.
           Perfectly groomed brows give your face an instant lift. Go and visit a professional    for a brow shaping.
            Use a Brow pencil to define, fill and shape brows in seconds.
             For an instant eye lift add false lashes to open up the eyes and give them a lift.

    Get the look.
    Create a smoky eye but with lighter colours for a subtle flattering look. Whatever your age don’t be afraid to experiment with glamorous colour adding sparkle for the evenings.

     6.Lip service.
              Don’t allow your lips to become dry or chapped, lip balms are essential, try one with added plumping ingredients
              to  give fuller, plumper lips.
              Lip liners enable you to define, correct and enhance your natural lip line.

    7.Look after the workers.
    Taking care of your hands and feet is the quickest way to look well groomed and glamorous.
    Treat hands and feet before you go to bed in an intensive treatment cream and wake up to beautiful soft skin.
    This will give the impression you have had time for a manicure and pedicure.

    Sharon will be appearing on Lorna Milton's show on Three Counties Radio on Monday 6th December 3,30pm to share her tips.
    You can see her at our fayre on Wednesday 8th December 7.30-9.30 at Berkhamsted town Hall.  You can get some tips from her face to face, try out and order some products or book a Vigin Vie party.

    Sunday, November 28, 2010

    Christmas Clobber

    Looking for some children's wear for Christmas but don't fancy a Rudolf t-shirt or Santa suit? Then look no further than these festive offerings from Rockabye Baby
    How cool are these? and not a whiff of a snowman anywhere but still in gorgeous rich festive colours.
    How about your little one tucking into Christmas dinner wearing this tuxedo bib? 
    Rockabye Baby will be at our Christmas Fayre on Wed 8th Dec at Berkhamsted Town Hall or you can visit the Rockabye Baby's online shop.

    Thursday, November 11, 2010

    Fayre time...

    It's almost upon us, if you didn't know already, we are talking about the Christmas Fayre tomorrow!
    Doors open at Berkhamsted Civic Centre at 9am and close at 12.30pm, admission is FREE, drop in and support local mums and dads in business and pick up some gorgeous gifts for Christmas or a treat just for you. Here is a little sneaky peek at some of the lovely items on sale tomorrow...
    this wonderful gingerbread cookie advent calender from Nevie-Pie Cakes can be won, only £1 for a raffle ticket, available from Nevie-Pie Cake's stall. This yummy mini Christmas cake will be for sale too...
    Or check out the gorgeous homewares from Stealing Candy...
    or pick up a cute handmade Christmas decoration or two from Heartfelt Handmade...
    Furniture that's been beautifully renovated with a quirky feel from Reilly & Moss, like this bookcase...
    or this chest...
    or gorgeous prints, cards and ceramics from Katy Leigh..
    beautiful photography services from Richard Roscoe Photography...

    handmade goodies from Isla B Baby, like these fabulous hair bands and this wonderful Prince and the Pea bed...

    Characters like this cute fella from the Batbo Sockie Factory...
    handmade soft furnishings from Thirtyfive Flowers

    fabulous cards from illustrator, Rachel Bath...
    and so much more, check out all the sellers over in the right hand column, there's so many to choose from, be sure to visit each stall and have fun! See you tomorrow.