Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Too much snow?

If you are suffering from cabin fever over this long snowy patch then why not make an indoor snowman?

Marie from Heartfelt Handmade has been making these marshmallow snowmen with her 2 little girls, Marie says,

"I don't know about you but my 2 girls have had enough of all this snow. They have been pretty reluctant to go out in it any more, even after me begging them to come make another snowman with me! So, after a quick look around on the internet for suitable snowy day crafts I came across a different kind of snowman, one that didn't involve getting cold and wet, so I thought we should give it a go."
"All we needed were some large white marshmallows, silver balls and some sprinkles and we were well away. I made up some white icing to use as 'glue' to stick the marshmallows together and stick their 'buttons' etc. onto them. Being snowed in we didn't have a huge array of ingredients to hand but they tasted great nonetheless."

"We used dried spaghetti for the arms but you could use pretzels, chocolate matchmakers (yum). I've seen orange tic tacs used as noses before which looks fab and instead of white icing glue you could try melted chocolate. Now for the fun bit...........scoff scoff!".

Thank you Marie for sharing this with us. We hope everyone is coping well in the snow, stay warm and safe and we will be back with exciting news of our next More Than A Mama fayre soon.

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