Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Today we meet local mum, Nikki Godden, who recently launched her brand new jewellery company, Smallprint, in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Aimed at proud parents looking for a truly original keepsake or unique gift idea, the stunning pieces of individually handcrafted and engraved jewellery capture your child’s fingerprint forever in pure polished silver.

Nikki first encountered Smallprint whilst searching for alternative gifts for her son’s godparents. “I wanted to thank them for committing their time and love to my son,” she explains, “so I began looking for something a little different to the norm. As soon as I found Smallprint, I knew the distinctive pieces were perfect and I rushed off to have two necklaces and two sets of cufflinks made. I was so impressed; I even treated myself to a necklace!

“When my son was born, I, like lots of other new mums, had clay impressions of his footprints made and got messy with poster paints at home, trying to take handprints for our keepsake box so that we’d always remember how little he used to be. But my necklace was such an unusual and stylish way of keeping a memory and it’s become one of my most treasured possessions. It attracted so many compliments from friends and family that I decided to bring a Smallprint franchise to the region so that even more people can enjoy the jewellery. I’d also been thinking about how to fit work around raising my son and this new venture really gives me the perfect opportunity to find a balance.”

Smallprint uses precious metal clay to create original pieces of silver jewellery featuring a child’s fingerprint – once the clay has been rolled out and shaped, the child’s finger is gently pressed in place to create the print. Each piece is then individually sanded, engraved and fired, before being finished with solid silver settings. Prices start from £20.

Choose from a selection of necklaces, cufflinks, dogtags, keyrings and bracelet charms, all beautifully packaged for the perfect gift. Fingerprints can be taken in the comfort of your own home and if you invite four or five other mums to join you, you can benefit from a 25% discount on your own purchase.

For Christmas, Smallprint is introducing Christmas gifts created specifically for the festive period. The new range consists of four different Christmas tree decorations, an angel, a festive bell, a jolly snowman or a Christmas tree. Each one is individually handcrafted and engraved, capturing a child's fingerprint forever in pure polished silver. The stunning new designs are available from 1st October and cost £50 each.

For further enquiries you can call Nikki Godden at Smallprint on 01234 34 34 94 or 07736 27 99 90 Mon-Fri between 9am and 4pm or visit Smallprint online at

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