Sunday, September 19, 2010

It's been National Cupcake week, did you know?

We don't need any excuses to eat cupcakes but National Cupcake Week has given us a one-way guilt-free ticket to cupcake heaven this week. To finish National Cupcake Week off with a swirl of yummy frosting why don't you take a listen to Nick Coffer on BBC Three Counties Radio this evening. Nick Coffer's show, 'Three Counties Kitchen' will be on today, Sunday, from 19.00 hours with two hours of cooking tips and tasty recipes. 

Another reason for tuning in is our very own Nevie-Pie Cakes will be on the show tonight sharing some invaluable tips and her gorgeous apple and blackberry cupcake recipe, delicious!

The host, Nick Coffer, is also a keen blogger, sharing recipes and videos of cooking with his young son Archie, visit this fab blog at My Daddy Cooks for some superb inspiration.

So good luck Natasha, we will be listening in later for your top tips.

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