Monday, December 7, 2009

Boxing Clever

Say hello to Jenny Tasker from Boxing Clever.

Local mum Jenny started Boxing Clever way back in 2001 when her first daughter Amelia was born. After struggling to find a toy box that looked good as well as fulfilling its duty, she thought she could definately do better than either the plastic junk you could find in certain superstores or else the traditional pine toy box you could find on the high street.
She decided she would get a toy box made and then decorate it herself and so Boxing Clever began.

Jenny supplied a couple of local shops and took part in quite a few big craft fairs but after a few years and another daughter, Olivia, she took a break from making the boxes. People who knew she made the boxes still asked for them and so this year with a bit of a supply Jenny took part in a couple of events and the MTAM fair and was overwhelmed with the demand for the boxes and also the nice comments people made about them.

With renewed vigour and a steady painting hand, Jenny is currently fulfiling orders and enjoying every minute of making the boxes. 'I love to personalise the boxes and know that the box will be filled with the most precious keepsakes of family life to cherish for life, or until our children paint them black and decorate their box with a skull and crossbones......Hmmm, maybe that's a new design for Boxing Clever..? Heh, who knows!

Jenny is looking forward to many more MTAM fairs and many more orders and looks forward to seeing you on the evening of the 9th for a glass of mulled wine and some shopping.

Boxes range from baby boxes, keepsake boxes though to bigger toy boxes with prices from £15 to £40 and Jenny tries to source affordable boxes and decorate them to a high quality finish. She has just started selling name boxes which are proving a hit for that different Christmas present. At £19, better than yet another Barbie... She can be contacted on 01442 871972 or 07971 169726 or you can email her at and is in the process of relauncing her website as well as working out how to get blogging!


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