Monday, December 7, 2009

Seller Spotlights......

Today we are catching up with a lovely stall holder from our last fayre in Berkhamsted. Lets meet Helen Yates .......

About Helen

Helen Yates has been a midwife since 1990 and currently works as a community midwife locally. She trained as a HypnoBirthing teacher with the American Institute of HypnoBirthing (the original Mongan Method) and has taught many couples here in Berkhamsted and in London.

HypnoBirthing is a method of childbirth preparation with the main focus being that birth is a natural and normal, very special life event. Couples learn to anticipate birth with a positive frame of mind and discover the beauty and satisfaction that is natural drug free labour and birth.


HypnoBirthing helps women to feel in control of their birthing regardless of the type of birth they have. That empowerment enables them to fully relax and work with their body allowing them to have a calm, gentle and enjoyable birth. This, in the face of a rising caesarean section rate is incredibly liberating for women.


“HypnoBirthing was, in our humble opinions, the one thing that made the difference between us feeling as though everything had been taken out of our control, and us feeling calm, relaxed and ready to face whatever decisions needed to be made to ensure the safe arrival of our baby. Thank you.” Leighton Buzzard mum.

“Couples using HypnoBirthing are a pleasure to care for, because it really is ‘taking it back’ to working with women and their bodies” Birth Centre Midwife.


To find out more take a look at Helen's website

Call her on Tel 01442 843064 / 0792 088 7414

or Email



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