Monday, September 14, 2009

Spotlight on Heartfelt Handmade....

Hairclip Holder

Quirky felty fun is the name of the game for Heartfelt Handmade's Marie Kitchen. Many of Marie's creations are made with children in mind and she is highly inspired by her own two little girls, aged 3 and 5 (and a half - very important!). This hair clip holder is a real girly favourite. The long ribbons are for attaching the hair clips to and there is a big square pocket (behind the cute face) for placing the hair bands and bobbles - what a fantastic idea!

Tooth Monster Gang

Do you happen to know a wobbly toothed child? How about one of Heartfelt Handmade's cute Tooth Monsters? Made in the shape of a tooth, of course, with a pocket for an eye - somewhere to place the tiny tooth which doubles up as somewhere for the tooth fairy to place the cash or treat!

Girly Tooth Monster

These are such fun and you can hang them from a bedpost, a wall peg or a door handle - all without the worry of said tooth going astray or of waking up your sleeping, gap-toothed angel!

Marie also makes a Sleep Monster version, with a similar idea in mind. If your little one has trouble sleeping through the night and staying in their own bed and you have tried EVERYTHING, why not give the Sleep Monster a go? Obviously Marie cannot guarantee it will work (if only) but if the child sleeps through or stays in their beds maybe the Sleep Fairy will bring a special treat to the clever child....... honestly, it's worth trying anything for an uninterrupted night!

Hearts Name Banner

Stars Name Banner

Marie also makes custom-made name banners and will be taking orders for these at the fayre. They come in hearts, stars and *NEW* cupcake designs and can be made in pretty much any colour/s to match in with your bedroom decor. If you fancy giving one of these unique and gorgeous garlands as a Christmas gift please note the last order date for Christmas is the 1st November.

Cupcake name banner

If you fancy a bit of Halloween fun, Heartfelt Handmade will have a selection of decorations, finger puppets, badges, spiders and banners too.
Hanging friendly spiders

Spider Finger Puppet

BOO Bat Banner

Don't forget a treat for yourself too! How about a colourful flower corsage? These look great on a winter coat or sweater, no doubt we will be getting those out all too soon.

Flower Corsage Brooches

Or maybe a scrummy yummy cupcake magnet?

So many lovely creations and Marie makes everything by hand, she draws the design, makes a template and cuts everything by hand! Then she sews it by hand with such care and attention to detail. Not only that but she uses mostly eco-felt, made from recycled plastic bottles! Crazy eh?

Make sure you visit Heartfelt Handmade's colourful and quirky stall at the Harpenden Bumps, Babes & Beyond Fayre on Thursday 24th Sept from 9.30am till noon. In the meantime you can see more of Marie's creations here and have a read of her fab Blog too. You can contact Heartfelt Handmade via email at




  1. everything looks lovely! i have been meaning to make tooth pillows for ages, although not as funky as yours!.. but saying that, i have a list o faround 1 dozen things i am meaning to make...!

  2. What a wonderful piece!
    Thanks for sharing, and congratulations on your work!
    That's some really nice stuff!
    It's very sophisticated.