Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Spotlight on Lingua Fanatics

Today we meet Kate, a Harpenden based mother of three young children whose enthusiasm for learning new languages inspired her to set up a language class for them and their friends.

Following the success of this venture, she quickly moved on to teaching in local schools and at church halls and now offers fifteen different classes a week. Her aim is to provide children with a fantastic opportunity to learn a language whilst having a great deal of fun!

Prior to becoming a fully trained La Jolie Ronde licensee, Kate was a graduate in French and Spanish and had spent time living and working in both France and Spain, followed by a career in global marketing communications with a major international professional services firm.

Kate’s language classes offer:-
French and Spanish language learning
Excellent accent for the children to copy
Fun activities to encourage learning

Structured, tried and tested programmes
Expert knowledge of the country and the language they are learning
The highest quality teaching resources and methodology
Lots of energy and enthusiasm

Language learning develops immediate and long term benefits and gives your child a skill for life. La Jolie Ronde has been successfully offering language learning to primary and nursery aged children throughout the UK for over 25 years – with fantastic results!

Research has shown this is the best time to learn as young children are more relaxed and better at imitating sounds and pronunciation. The more they enjoy learning a language when they are young, the more likely they are going to find it a positive experience when they are older.

Kate Speirs runs Lingua Fanatics, a licensee for La Jolie Ronde in Harpenden, teaching both French and Spanish. For further information please contact: Kate Speirs 01582 712177 or 07968 277113 or email Kate at Linguafanatics@gmail.com



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  1. This is really helpful to me as I am living in Dubai but looking for a french class for my daughter in Harpenden when we come home later this year - so many thanks !