Sunday, September 20, 2009

spotlight on Waste Not Want Not

Well, you may not expect to find reclaimed and revamped furniture at a Baby Show, however, Waste Not Want Not, would safely come under the 'Beyond' banner, something special just for YOU and your home. Treat yourself to a unique, one of a kind piece all of which have seen lots of TLC and have been given a new lease of life by busy mum, Annie Finlayson.

Annie used to sell beautiful jewellery from India, but having recently returned from living in India and becoming a one parent family she was no longer able to sustain selling jewellery as it was practically impossible to do so without travelling there to source out new stock.

She needed to find a way to keep busy and also to make money! The answer was under her nose.....having no more room in her house to contain all her treasures found at markets and car-boot sales, she realised there was a niche in the market when friends always admired her many finds and began asking her to seek out treasures for them too.

Not only that but, on a more serious note, living in India Annie found herself exposed to extreme poverty, some of which, no matter how often she saw it, she never got used to. Annie says, "We live in an extremely wasteful society and although its becoming more fashionable to repair or restore things its still not fashionable enough! I also appreciate that not everyone has the time to do this so, hopefully I'm the next best thing and have done it for you instead! Basically I'm really into recycling and found it amazing what you can find and the enjoyment I get from giving tired old things a second chance!".

So, if you are seeking out a special piece for your home be sure to come and visit Annie at her stall to take a look at her wonderfully restored and beautiful furniture. In the meantime, you can contact Annie via email at



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